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Where Do I Begin?

Make Money Online

If you are relatively new to internet marketing, you’ll see a ton of sales pages blasting out hype and promises about easy ways to make money online.

As most of us soon find out, there is no “overnight success” story on the internet. What these sales pages and videos fail to tell you is that simply buying the product or software or program is not, in itself, going to make you successful on the internet. There is more to it than that.

Running an online business is not unlike having a business in the street. However it’s far, far cheaper to set up & operate and of course you don’t have to be there to make sales.

In the physical world you would need an attractive office or shop in a spot that gets good exposure to passers by (real estate). You would also need relevant services or stock that people actually need or want, arranged neatly and easy to find (content). You’d need signage to state what your business does in order to attract people to come in (traffic). Then you might want to spread the word about your goods and/or services through flyers, business cards & ads in the yellow pages, newspapers or TV/radio etc (advertising/marketing).   When potential customers come in you need to demonstrate good people skills by being helpful and friendly (customer service/support).

In a perfect world, if you had all of the above you stand a good chance of running a successful internet business. The same stuff applies online except your real estate is a website or blog and your stock would be information and/or products that people are looking for or that will solve their problems.

The biggest challenge online is to expose your “real estate”  to the main stream traffic of internet surfers, which is all to do with MARKETING.

Before you rush blindly into anything you need to learn the basics of Internet Marketing. Without that it would be like having a shop in a No Through Road at the edge of town, with no advertising at all.

People love to buy stuff, but they hate being sold to. They usually know what they want and will often go looking for it on the internet. Good marketing is partly about the process of identifying what people want and providing the best way to satisfy their needs or solve their problems – without appearing to be selling.

As one of the most successful internet marketers in the world, Rich Schefren, says – effective marketing eliminates the need for selling.

A large part of good Marketing consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with customers that result in value for both the customer and the marketer.

Now at this point you might be thinking that this all sounds too difficult but really, as my mentor Alex Jeffreys points out, it’s simply about helping people and building a list. If you provide free, relevant information and build a relationship with your list via emails and social networking, then when you have something good to say about a product that will address their needs or desires, chances are that they will take a look and buy it from you.

The bottom line is that by providing your readers and subscribers with ongoing honest-to-goodness, valuable free content, they will more likely buy from you. This is part of effective internet marketing.

Help people -> Build a subscriber list – > Interact & build relationships -> Provide valuable free content – > Review & recommend -> Sales

By far the best place to begin is with your very own blog – your online real estate – the foundation of your business.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a blog, I invite you to take a look at IM4Newbies which I purchased a few weeks ago. For just $7 you’ll get access to over 120 tutorial videos (5 to 15 minutes each) on many aspects of Internet Marketing. There’s a whole section on WordPress blogs, from installation & set up to blogging & maintenance.

This will take you to the info page
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I have referred to these videos time and time again. They are exceptional value and highly recommended for every newbie.

In the next post, I’ll talk about my personal experience with setting up my blog and you can follow along as I explain each step. All the best to you!

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