Free WordPress Video Tutorials

Posted by on June 23, 2010 at 11:36 pm

WordpressLogo 150x150 Free Wordpress Video TutorialsFree WordPress Video Tutorials

Today I discovered a great place to learn all about setting up and working your WordPress blog for free. You don’t even need to register or opt in.

I thought to myself “Hey, why try to reinvent the wheel”. The site contains a full WordPress course from installation through to monetizing it and is accompanied by about 12 video tutorials.

No excuse now guys! Get started with your first blog. If you don’t already have a domain name & host, go to the Newbies Guide tab at the top of this page for instructions & discounts to get started. Then come back here to get the WordPress Tutorial link.

I recommend you use the Explorer browser as the videos may not always work with Firefox.

Here is the link



How to Get Your Pic in Blog and Forum Comments

Posted by on June 11, 2010 at 10:54 pm

CookieBoy 150x150 How to Get Your Pic in Blog and Forum Comments

Cookie Boy

Get Your Picture (Avatar) in Comments

It took me ages to find out how to get a picture, called an Avatar, in comments on forums and blogs. I couldn’t find info about it anywhere on the internet and I was too embarrassed to ask!

As it turns out it is really, really easy. A universal system exists where you can upload your Avatar or photo and it then delivers avatar images globally. It’s a free online service called GRAVATAR (Globally Recognised AVATAR).

A gravatar is always square and can be up to 512 pixels wide, although the standard is 80 x 80 pixels. Gravatars are linked to your e-mail address. Whenever you leave a comment on a blog post, the blogging/forum software uses your e-mail address to retrieve your avatar from the gravatar website.

Table Of Contents Creator – a Dream Come True

Posted by on June 10, 2010 at 2:13 am

TableOfContents Table Of Contents Creator   a Dream Come True

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Creator – Free WP Plug-in

I’ve been doing heaps of research this week. One of the things that has really been bugging me about blogs is that good stuff gets buried after a time and visitors may never get to see it.

“Archives” are not much help. “Categories” do help a bit. But still time consuming. After a lot of searching I found “Table Of Contents” by Mark Beljaars | Visit plugin site What a blessing.

This free WordPress Plug-in creates an up-to-date index of everything on the blog and creates a new Tab and Page. All the contents of the blog are listed and readers can sort them in various ways and get quick access to any post.

Newbies Guide to Starting Online

Posted by on May 27, 2010 at 3:31 am

dotcom3 Newbies Guide to Starting OnlineNewbies Guide to Starting Online

Well I finally ticked off a big task from my “To-Do” list and transferred it to my “Did” list. I have started a new page, so that it is easily accessed from the TAB bar, rather than get buried deep in the blog later on.

It’s especially for those visitors who have been considering starting a business and don’t know how to get set up – a brief Newbies Guide to getting a host, a domain and installing a blog.

However, other more seasoned marketers may be interested in the discount coupons for GoDaddy. Currently you can buy a dot com domain name for 99 cents!

I will be adding more later, but for now it should get the ball rolling.

Make Money Online – Where to Begin

Posted by on May 18, 2010 at 11:20 pm

make money online 150x150 Make Money Online   Where to Begin

Where Do I Begin?

Make Money Online

If you are relatively new to internet marketing, you’ll see a ton of sales pages blasting out hype and promises about easy ways to make money online.

As most of us soon find out, there is no “overnight success” story on the internet. What these sales pages and videos fail to tell you is that simply buying the product or software or program is not, in itself, going to make you successful on the internet. There is more to it than that.

Running an online business is not unlike having a business in the street. However it’s far, far cheaper to set up & operate and of course you don’t have to be there to make sales.

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