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Chris Mentor Me Internet Marketing Course

Chris Mentor Me is the new baby of renowned Internet Marketing star Chris Farrell. It’s a 6-week coaching course with a difference because Chris Farrell is going out on a limb by guaranteeing that participants will make money within the 6 weeks. That’s a huge claim but he is prepared to stake his untarnished reputation on it. In my experience Chris has  always delivered exceptional value and assistance and his thousands of fans will back me up on that. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Mentor me. In fact I’m so enthusiastic, I’ve made a video about it.

Chris Mentor Me Free Bonus Video Camera

That’s right, I’m giving away a FREE Flip Mino HD Video Camera to every person who signs up for Chris Mentor Me through my affiliate link. I’m prepared to sacrifice a big slice of commission because I believe that Chris Mentor Me will be the answer for so many struggling newbies and frustrated internet marketers. I’m tired of high-priced courses and scams that do not deliver results.

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About Chris Farrell

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Chris Farrell sacrificed a successful career as a London radio jock to move to Beverly Hills California a few years ago. His gorgeous wife Frida, a Swedish born  ex-model turned actress, was gaining ground in her career so naturally they headed for Hollywood.

It was then that Chris Farrell decided to take a shot at starting an internet business. He struggled for 6 months and spent around $10,000 on courses programs and ebooks before making his first sale of $27.00.  It’s a familiar story that so many potential internet marketers will relate to.

Chris Farrell saw a gaping hole in the whole “make money online”  story. It was very difficult to find the roadmap to success because the pieces of the puzzle were scattered here, there and everywhere but nobody was revealing the full picture. So Chris Farrell made a decision to gather info, experiment, document and put together a website that would fill in all the gaps.

He began to increase his income to $100 a day, then $250 a day to $1,000. His website, Chris Farrell Membership grew to thousands of members and eventually he teamed up with big gun, Mike Filsaime and released a training course teaching Affiliate Marketing that grossed $2million in one week.

How is Chris Mentor Me Different?

The rumours that ChrisMentorMe is just another affiliate training course are completely unfounded. Chris Mentor Me is a course, for newbies and struggling marketers, that will teach people to create and market their own products, even if they have no idea what niche they want to be involved in.

Chris Farrell will guide everyone in his inimitable gentlemanly, down to earth manner, to start from the bottom, find a niche, gather information and create a product, a compelling offer, a brilliant website with all the bells and whistles and a sales funnel. Of course list building and affiliate marketing will play a large part in the course

Then the social network marketing begins, with Facebook and other media training. Of course there will be a huge focus on traffic generation, incorporating Facebook and many other methods.

Chris Mentor Me Bonuses

Not only will students who complete ChrisMentorMe get a Free Flip Mino HD Video Camera, but the Chris Mentor Me bonuses that come with the course will blow your mind.  Chris Farrell has asked me not to steal his thunder as he will be announcing these fantastic bonuses during the prelaunch and launch period. So I urge you to click on the banner below to preregister for all the launch information and updates as they come to hand.

If you decide to sign up for Chris Mentor Me after your preregistration the transaction will earn you a FREE Flip Video Camera from me. Oh, and one more thing – if you are an earlybird you’ll get a hefty discount too. So go to it. Click that banner and you’ll receive regular emails from Chris Farrell himself with all the details and news about the launch. Prelaunch begins on 1st September. Don’t miss it. It will change your life. Just click on that banner! Go, go, go! Yeehaaah!

cmmbanner 468x60 Chris Mentor Me Chris Farrell Bonus Video Camera

For further info go to my Chris Mentor Me website

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