A Better Autoresponder?

chimp A Better Autoresponder?


A Better Autoresponder?

All the gurus say “the money is in the list”. It’s true that we all need to build a list, but before we can do that we need an autoresponder. It would be almost impossible to manage a list of subscribers without one.

For newbies, an autoresponder is a big expense when starting out, because it takes a while before you can recoup the expense. There is a superb service called MailChimp that is free until you have 500 subscribers. The next level is just $15, whereas AWeber is $19 a month for up to 500 subscriners and then jumps to $29. Quite a difference.

MailChimp has an amazing list of features/functions and the site holds a massive amount of  helpful information and statistics about email marketing.

Compare MailChimp with other leading autoresponders

	        Up to 500	501-1,000   Affiliate Commissions
 AWeber 	$19.00		$29.00	     30% (monthly recurring)
 GetResponse	$18.00		$19.00	     30% (non-recurring)
 iContact	$14.00		$19.00	     25% (monthly recurring)
 MailChimp	FREE		$15.00	     email credit points

Many internet marketers will tell you that AWeber is by far the best and most reliable for deliverability. It also offers a strong affiliate program to help you recoup your outlay.

However, MailChimp is definitely worth taking a look at. Although it doesn’t have an affiliate program per se, it does offer its own members a credit points system that gives you extra sending power.

For the beginner, MailChimp looks like a winner. 70% of its customers are small businesses, but MailChimp serves some pretty big customers too, including American Airlines, Mozilla Firefox and Harvard University.

Building a list of 500 subscribers can take some of us many months. MailChimp is an excellent service to consider. It’s a feature-rich program that’s free until you hit 500 subscribers. But it’s not just an autoresponder – it’s a complete email marketing solution.

I’m seriously considering changing from AWeber to Mail Chimp. Please go and check out the features and let me know whether you think it’s worth the switch.

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