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Do you have some simple tasks piling up that you thought were too small to outsource? Then you really should check out a site called Fiverr.

It’s still in beta test mode but is already capturing the imagination of all manner of people. Registered members can buy or sell 5 dollar services.

“Fiverr” has a “Twitter” feel about it with incoming short posts in real time. Services are called “Gigs” and all cost just $5.00. Some Gigs are crazy and imaginative but there are many that we internet marketers and bloggers can use.

Just a few of the useful online services people will do for a fiver:

  • Interview you over the internet (You send the intro & questions & they interview you and send the recording.)
  • Professional voiceovers for your website or ads.
  • 10,000 views per month for the life of your YouTube video (boosts ranking)
  • 500-word articles written on any topic (they do the research)
  • Website Banner, Header or Logo Original graphic designs that will “blow your mind”
  • Fix your WordPress site
  • Design covers for cd/dvd/books

The amazing thing is that you can check feedback before spending your 5 bucks.

You need to be a registered Fiverr user to sell or buy. (Registration is free.)
Seller’s and buyer’s identity remains anonymous. Payments are made through PayPal.

Check it out. If you don’t find something you need you can do a site search or post suggestions. You might even get a few ideas. At the very least you’ll be amused by what some people are prepared to do for 5 measley bucks!

It’s a great concept and I’m predicting that Fiverr could become really popular. You can be sure that many smart marketers will find some sneaky way of using it to promote their business.

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