A True Story of Karma

hands 150x150 A True Story of KarmaWhat Goes Around, Comes Around

Once upon a time, there lived a little cockney girl,  in the heart of London. Although she was from a very poor family, she was taught to be kind and generous to others and especially to respect the elderly.

One day, as she was skipping along the busy street with a few pennies jingling in her pocket, she happened upon a very frail little old lady, standing on the street corner. She took the lady by the hand and helped her to safely cross the street.

With a big, wrinkly smile, the lady thanked her warmly and the little girl’s heart went out to her. She reached into her jacket and offered her pocket money to the old lady. “Oh no dear” she said, “you keep it”. But the little girl dropped the coins into the old lady’s coat pocket and skipped along on her way.

Many years passed. The little girl had grown up, raised a family and was herself approaching her senior years. One day, as she walked along the street, a little boy approached her and asked if she would like the 5 cent piece he’d just found. “Oh, no” she said, “you keep it.” But the little boy smiled, dropped the coin into her pocket and ran off down the street.

That little girl was me and this is a true story. I stood there stunned as the memory flooded back from my childhood. History repeated itself 50 years later. It was quite a profound moment for me. I will hang on to that 5 cent piece and treasure it forever.

I guess that there is a moral to my litle story and although it may seem somewhat “off topic”, this can be applied to online business. If you are generous, good karma will prevail. If you rip people off, success will be out of reach in the long term. What goes around, comes around.

(I haven’t posted here for a while because I’ve been busy researching traffic techniques, with interesting results. I’ll report my findings very soon.)

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