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Just read a very inspiring post by Jeff Walker, the “Profit Launch Formula” creator. I love that guy. He has a wonderful gift of telling a good story with a deep and meaningful philosophy beneath it. Ooh Ahh!

This particular story was about Jeff participating in a cycling race with his son. I won’t spoil it for you so I’ll put the link at the end. It was a powerful true story of courage, perseverance and never giving up. It was also about encouragement from others who believe in you. I recommend you read it.

I was so moved by Jeff’s story because it rang lots of bells for me. I am one who never gives up. When I first decided to start an online business it was my dream to start a social network for aspiring actors but I had no clue how.

One day I was cold-called by a “marketing expert” who promised that his company would help me to set up my membership site. He even said he knew Denzel Washington and would ask him if he would do a little video to encourage actors to join my site! What ensued was an absolute nightmare. It was total BS and I was scammed for $15,000 with nothing to show for it.

After a lot of research I found that there were other victims of this “sharketer”. From that moment I was determined to do something about it.

Everyone I knew said I didn’t have a hope in hell. I was ridiculed. But I was determined and started posting blog and forum comments wherever scams were listed. I made a video for YouTube and set up a blog about the scam with an autoresponder. I built a list of victims and formed many friendships. They shared some pretty heart-wrenching stories which drove me to work harder. I kept them informed and in turn they cheered me on.

I contacted authorities and encouraged my subscribers to do the same. The sharketer started bullying me and threatened to sue me for slander but I didn’t give up. I was holding myself accountable to my subscribers.

After 2 long and stressful years, the sharketer finally relented and my case was resolved. (Ah, the power of social media.) However, my online business plans had taken a back seat and I had to start all over. The other victims on my list continue with their fight and as I write this, are beginning to get somewhere. There is power in numbers.

My dream of the actors site has been put on the back burner for now. I have a new passion now to help victims of scams and fraud. So I’ve written an ebook and have decided to build a site that will be unlike any other in the “scams and frauds” category. I’ll be following Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, which I purchased a couple of years ago.

Since Alex Jeffreys’ webinar last week about membership sites, I’m rearing to go. I have the software and am now doing the research. I thought I might post here from time to time about the steps I take and the results I get.

The bottom line is that I learned a lot about marketing and the power of social media during my mission and refused to give up. I stayed focused and didn’t listen to those who were negative.

If you read Jeff Walker’s post you’ll see what I mean. It’s a powerful story and one we can all learn from.

If you have a story about perseverence and determination that paid off against all odds, I’d love you to share it below. We all need to cheer each other on – to win!

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