Traffic Zombie at Half Price

zombie1 Traffic Zombie at Half Price


Get Traffic Zombie at Half Price

Just for reading this review

Traffic Zombie Gets You On Google’s First Page.

That’s the claim on the website.

But how true is that statement?

Well, they show you the proof.

There’s no denying it.

Best Keyword Software

Here is what the site says it does:

Gets First Page Ranking on Google / Yahoo / Bing – In Just Days

  • Lets You Rank For ANY Number of Quality Keywords You Want
  • Gets You Massive Endorsed Evergreen Traffic
  • Gets People Talking About YOU on Social Media Like Twitter and Facebook
  • Viral Traffic and Backlinks from 1 out of every 5 Visitors

That is pretty impressive indeed. And it seems to work.

A Better Autoresponder?

chimp A Better Autoresponder?


A Better Autoresponder?

All the gurus say “the money is in the list”. It’s true that we all need to build a list, but before we can do that we need an autoresponder. It would be almost impossible to manage a list of subscribers without one.

For newbies, an autoresponder is a big expense when starting out, because it takes a while before you can recoup the expense. There is a superb service called MailChimp that is free until you have 500 subscribers. The next level is just $15, whereas AWeber is $19 a month for up to 500 subscriners and then jumps to $29. Quite a difference.

MailChimp has an amazing list of features/functions and the site holds a massive amount of  helpful information and statistics about email marketing.

Compare MailChimp with other leading autoresponders

Outsourcing For 5 Bucks

Lifebuoy2 150x150 Outsourcing For 5 Bucks

$5 Lifesaver

Online Helpers for $5

Do you have some simple tasks piling up that you thought were too small to outsource? Then you really should check out a site called Fiverr.

It’s still in beta test mode but is already capturing the imagination of all manner of people. Registered members can buy or sell 5 dollar services.

“Fiverr” has a “Twitter” feel about it with incoming short posts in real time. Services are called “Gigs” and all cost just $5.00. Some Gigs are crazy and imaginative but there are many that we internet marketers and bloggers can use.

Just a few of the useful online services people will do for a fiver:

  • Interview you over the internet (You send the intro & questions & they interview you and send the recording.)
  • Professional voiceovers for your website or ads.

Never Give Up

NeverGiveUp 150x150 Never Give UpNever Give Up

Just read a very inspiring post by Jeff Walker, the “Profit Launch Formula” creator. I love that guy. He has a wonderful gift of telling a good story with a deep and meaningful philosophy beneath it. Ooh Ahh!

This particular story was about Jeff participating in a cycling race with his son. I won’t spoil it for you so I’ll put the link at the end. It was a powerful true story of courage, perseverance and never giving up. It was also about encouragement from others who believe in you. I recommend you read it.

I was so moved by Jeff’s story because it rang lots of bells for me. I am one who never gives up. When I first decided to start an online business it was my dream to start a social network for aspiring actors but I had no clue how.

Free Videos – Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank 150x150 Free Videos   Affiliate Marketing


9 Free Videos To Show You How to Make $100 a Day

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways that many people choose to make money on the internet.

If you are not interested in building a public profile on the internet, then you can quietly build a profitable business behind the scenes selling other people’s products.

It is certainly worth knowing how affiliate marketing works and trying it for yourself. The following videos will show you how you can make around $100 a day in commissions on the internet.

In this series you will discover:

  • The method for selecting a profitable niche with keywords to bring targeted visitors and buyers.
  • A marketing system for generating traffic and profits that has worked since the Internet began.

What’s Holding You Back From Success?

What’s Holding You Back From Success?

In these two short videos, Anthony Robbins speaks on moving forward with focus, drive and conviction to achieve your goals. If you have decided to succeed in your online business, make sure that there are no inner conflicts holding you back.

Free WordPress Video Tutorials

WordpressLogo 150x150 Free Wordpress Video TutorialsFree WordPress Video Tutorials

Today I discovered a great place to learn all about setting up and working your WordPress blog for free. You don’t even need to register or opt in.

I thought to myself “Hey, why try to reinvent the wheel”. The site contains a full WordPress course from installation through to monetizing it and is accompanied by about 12 video tutorials.

No excuse now guys! Get started with your first blog. If you don’t already have a domain name & host, go to the Newbies Guide tab at the top of this page for instructions & discounts to get started. Then come back here to get the WordPress Tutorial link.

I recommend you use the Explorer browser as the videos may not always work with Firefox.

Here is the link



A True Story of Karma

hands 150x150 A True Story of KarmaWhat Goes Around, Comes Around

Once upon a time, there lived a little cockney girl,  in the heart of London. Although she was from a very poor family, she was taught to be kind and generous to others and especially to respect the elderly.

One day, as she was skipping along the busy street with a few pennies jingling in her pocket, she happened upon a very frail little old lady, standing on the street corner. She took the lady by the hand and helped her to safely cross the street.

With a big, wrinkly smile, the lady thanked her warmly and the little girl’s heart went out to her. She reached into her jacket and offered her pocket money to the old lady. “Oh no dear” she said, “you keep it”. But the little girl dropped the coins into the old lady’s coat pocket and skipped along on her way.

How to Get Your Pic in Blog and Forum Comments

CookieBoy 150x150 How to Get Your Pic in Blog and Forum Comments

Cookie Boy

Get Your Picture (Avatar) in Comments

It took me ages to find out how to get a picture, called an Avatar, in comments on forums and blogs. I couldn’t find info about it anywhere on the internet and I was too embarrassed to ask!

As it turns out it is really, really easy. A universal system exists where you can upload your Avatar or photo and it then delivers avatar images globally. It’s a free online service called GRAVATAR (Globally Recognised AVATAR).

A gravatar is always square and can be up to 512 pixels wide, although the standard is 80 x 80 pixels. Gravatars are linked to your e-mail address. Whenever you leave a comment on a blog post, the blogging/forum software uses your e-mail address to retrieve your avatar from the gravatar website.

Table Of Contents Creator – a Dream Come True

TableOfContents Table Of Contents Creator   a Dream Come True

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Creator – Free WP Plug-in

I’ve been doing heaps of research this week. One of the things that has really been bugging me about blogs is that good stuff gets buried after a time and visitors may never get to see it.

“Archives” are not much help. “Categories” do help a bit. But still time consuming. After a lot of searching I found “Table Of Contents” by Mark Beljaars | Visit plugin site What a blessing.

This free WordPress Plug-in creates an up-to-date index of everything on the blog and creates a new Tab and Page. All the contents of the blog are listed and readers can sort them in various ways and get quick access to any post.

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