Call Centers or Boiler Rooms? The New Spam


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(This lady is very angry with telemarketers!)

A press release about an internet marketer being sued for racketeering, money laundering and fraud has created a bit of a buzz online recently.

In particular, a site called has published an article which has been receiving a lot of attention and comments.

The “Salty Droid” is on a mission to clean up the internet of Sharketers (shady marketers) and has a reputation of shooting from the hip, no holds barred.

His latest post has prompted discussion about unsolicited sales calls from Call Centers, hired by the big boys. The idea is to upsell buyers of low cost products or newsletter subscribers to personal coaching programs.

Unfortunately, these call centers are becoming “boiler rooms” where the telemarketers work on a commission only basis and thus will say anything to get a sale. The silver-tongued confidence tricksters will promise the world and make personal guarantees that are often not backed up by the owners of the program they are selling.

I get calls regularly from call centers and I always say no thanks. I was caught out 3 years ago. The services discussed with the salesman were nothing like the services in the actual program. In fact most of the promises and guarantees were total fiction. The scam began in the sales pitch. But to add insult to injury, the scam was perpetuated by the company refusing a refund. The Sharketer and his staff became abusive & nasty and then stopped answering emails altogether.

In the good old days people sent spam via email. Now they are spamming from call centers via telemarketing. Whether it’s written or verbal, it still constitutes Spam – unsolicited sales pitches.  Email spam is not tolerated online, so why should these tele-spammers be allowed to get away it?

How can we get this boiler room tactic outlawed?
Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

 Call Centers or Boiler Rooms? The New Spam

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