Meeting Mili the Twitter Queen

Meeting the Twitter Queen, Mili Ponce!

I went to the 3-day WORLD TRAFFIC SUMMIT last weekend at Surfers Paradise (Australia).
As always, some of the best experts in the world were there to present cutting-edge stuff.


The first session was from Mili Ponce & Paul O’Mahony, the King & Queen of social network marketing.
They gave the audience a challenge. The people who were able to get the most opt-ins (giving away a host of products from all the presenters), would win big prizes.

We were to promote the link on Twitter & Facebook. I was looking forward to having a go at this, as I really had been avoiding Twitter & Facebook due to lack of experience. I knew that this was the business platform of tomorrow, so I was prepared to follow the instructions and have a bash at it.

I had my heart set on the 3rd prize. Besides being the most valuable ($2,617) it had the whole kit & kaboodle that I wanted to learn.

Got back to the motel room that night, excitedly hooked up my laptop and dongle and… OH NO!…
couldn’t get access to the internet. Tried for hours, rang support. They couldn’t help me. They said I was
showing up as connected! They told me to log out and try again in the morning. Darn – a whole night wasted.


Before leaving the hotel for Day 2 of the seminar  I tried again to get on the net but had no luck. I decided to devote my lunch break to trying again. Still no luck! Rang support again and he said he would call back during the half hour afternoon tea break. He didn’t.

Come Saturday night, after dining out, I tried again. Nothing. I rang support again and they said they
would talk to their superiors and get back to me on Tuesday. Bah! No hope now to do the Challenge.
Besides, hundreds of others were way ahead of me by now.

Last resort. My room mate Sonja suggested I call hotel reception and connect to the hotel’s internet. By 1 am Sunday it was ON! I gave it my best shot for the next four hours, learning as I went with Sonja’s support.  I was exhausted and managed to get only a couple of hours sleep.


At the end of Day 3, it was time to announce the winners. Imagine my shock when my name was called out in the top 5! My knees went to jelly and my hands were trembling! I had to step up to the stage and address the crowd about how I did it!  In my nervous state I forgot to mention that I’d only spent 4 hours on it, but I did say that I sent a private message to Barak Obama and Kevin Rudd (ex-Prime Minister of Australia).  I doubt that they would have opted in, but it was good for a laugh.

AND, guess what prize I won?! …Yep! 3rd prize – the one I desperately wanted! WooHoo!

I can’t wait to get started on Mili Ponce’s comprehensive coaching course. I fully intend to pass on what I learn to my subscribers.

So stay tuned. For those who sign up for my newsletter, I’ll be sending plenty of helpful news and treats to help with your marketing.

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