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Chris Mentor Me Chris Farrell Bonus Video Camera

Published on August 23, 2011 By Gail

Chris Mentor Me Internet Marketing Course

Chris Mentor Me is the new baby of renowned Internet Marketing star Chris Farrell. It’s a 6-week coaching course with a difference because Chris Farrell is going out on a limb by guaranteeing that participants will make money within the 6 weeks. That’s a huge claim but he is prepared to stake his untarnished reputation on it. In my experience Chris has  always delivered exceptional value and assistance and his thousands of fans will back me up on that. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Mentor me. In fact I’m so enthusiastic, I’ve made a video about it.

Chris Mentor Me Free Bonus Video Camera

That’s right, I’m giving away a FREE Flip Mino HD Video Camera to every person who signs up for Chris Mentor Me through my affiliate link. I’m prepared to sacrifice a big slice of commission because I believe that Chris Mentor Me will be the answer for so many struggling newbies and frustrated internet marketers. I’m tired of high-priced courses and scams that do not deliver results.

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Online

Published on October 15, 2010 By Gail

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Be different 150x150 Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Online

Stand Out - Be Different

Are you an online entrepreneur or an opportunity seeker? Most newcomers (newbies) to internet marketing are bombarded with promises that making money online is easy if they buy “this program” or “that course”, but when it doesn’t happen, they move onto the next thing… and the next.

Sooner or later they end up with a hole in their pocket and nothing to show for it. Does that sound familiar? It happens to most of us. We become what are referred to as “Opportunity Seekers”. The marketers making the big money are the internet-savvy Entrepreneurs.

Opportunity seeking can become an addiction that is difficult to cure.  One of the main causes of the “habit” is the lack of direction or goals. There is no magic bullet to making money online.

Free Videos – Affiliate Marketing

Published on June 26, 2010 By Gail
Clickbank 150x150 Free Videos   Affiliate Marketing


9 Free Videos To Show You How to Make $100 a Day

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways that many people choose to make money on the internet.

If you are not interested in building a public profile on the internet, then you can quietly build a profitable business behind the scenes selling other people’s products.

It is certainly worth knowing how affiliate marketing works and trying it for yourself. The following videos will show you how you can make around $100 a day in commissions on the internet.

In this series you will discover:

  • The method for selecting a profitable niche with keywords to bring targeted visitors and buyers.
  • A marketing system for generating traffic and profits that has worked since the Internet began.
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