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Product Creation From PLR – Free Video

Published on June 21, 2011 By Gail

private label rights pic 150x150 Product Creation From PLR   Free VideoWhat is PLR?

PLR (Private Label Rights) – A ready made product that you can edit, change, add to, rearrange etc. and relabel it as your own (info product creation). ie. you have the right to state that you are the author/creator and sell it at whatever price you want (or even give it away for free to build your subscriber list).

Create Your Own Product

Regardless of how often you’ve heard that to get real success on the internet you must create your own products, there will always be a few people who simply can’t grasp the concept.

They often assume it’s…

  • too difficult
  • too time consuming
  • too costly
  • not worth the effort
  • or some other justification..

The reality is, private label marketing with Private Label Rights products means you can quite easily create your own unique products (with very little effort) to sell for 100% profit and generate the  results I’m about to share.

Call Centers or Boiler Rooms? The New Spam

Published on November 14, 2010 By Gail


240px Callcentre Call Centers or Boiler Rooms? The New Spam
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(This lady is very angry with telemarketers!)

A press release about an internet marketer being sued for racketeering, money laundering and fraud has created a bit of a buzz online recently.

In particular, a site called has published an article which has been receiving a lot of attention and comments.

The “Salty Droid” is on a mission to clean up the internet of Sharketers (shady marketers) and has a reputation of shooting from the hip, no holds barred.

His latest post has prompted discussion about unsolicited sales calls from Call Centers, hired by the big boys. The idea is to upsell buyers of low cost products or newsletter subscribers to personal coaching programs.

World Traffic Summit Challenge Social Media Prize

Published on August 30, 2010 By Gail

Hey! I was a Winner in the Challenge

Thanks to everyone who supported me in the 3-day World Traffic Challenge.

After a late start (1:00 am on the 3rd day) due to problems with my wireless connection, I managed to score a huge prize of a Mili Ponce’s complete coaching course.

To my utmost surprise, after putting in only 4 hours effort, I managed to come in at 3rd place. Special thanks to Mili Ponce and Paul O’Mahony for their expertise and instructions. They know their stuff and blew everyone away with their amazing presentation at the Summit. It’s no wonder that they are world leaders in their field of Social Media Marketing.

I look forward to the course and to passing on what I learn to  my readers.

Special thanks to my new friend Sonja Grosser, who encouraged me not to give up and who offered guidance along the way.

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