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Resell Rights Products How to Set Up Online

Published on June 11, 2011 By Gail
resellrightsimage 150x150 Resell Rights Products How to Set Up Online

Resell Rights How To

Free Resell Rights

Have you ever purchased products that came with resell rights but haven’t a clue how to set it all up? This has been bugging me for a long time. You get a zipped folder with a bunch of files in it – the resell rights product, sales page, download page, images etc. but no instructions about how to set it all up!

Well our troubles are over. Now we can easily resell the resell rights (aka PLR – private label rights and MRR – master resell rights) products that have been taking up space on our hard drives.

Chris Farrell has made a two hour video that takes us through every step, explaining every possible detail, making it child’s play to sell resell rights products from our own internet sales page. And the good news is that Chris and his pal Aaron are giving us a valuable product (for free!) called Set Up My Resell Rights so we can get started making money right away.

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